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Before I met Dr. Allgood and his staff, I suffered daily for years with dental problems. I was terrified of going to the dentist so I lived in pain and when I wasn't in pain, I lived in denial that some day soon I had to face my fear. Eventually I got tired of being physically uncomfortable and I remembered an advertisement for Dr. Allgood. I looked him up on the internet and what I read about him and the ladies was just what I needed. I called them up and Barb was friendly, as always, and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Allgood for me. I did not know what to expect and since I was scared of going to the dentist, I was very nervous. My day came to meet with Dr. Allgood and he was very friendly, empathetic and professional. So far, so good. I had nothing but good vibes from this visit and decided he was going to be my dentist.

This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have been going to Dr. Allgood for 2+ years and have yet to have a bad experience. Everyone in the office is friendly and genuinely cares about you and your experience at the office. As an added bonus, if they say your appointment is at a certain time, that's what time they will get you in, if not earlier. The office setting and the people at Dr. Allgoods make all the difference. You rarely get service with a smile these days but you get it at Dr. Allgoods. AND not only is going to the dentist now a pleasant experience Dr. Allgood must know what he is doing because I am often complimented on my teeth now. Now I am completely comfortable going to the dentist and I actually look forward to going to the dentist because I know I am going to have a stress free visit and my teeth are going to thank me for it. Just take a chance and go to Dr. Allgood. He and the girls will take care of you. You will have a stressfree visit and a healthy mouth.

To Dr. Allgood and his staff,

Since I was 10 years old I have been scared to death and have hated to go to the dentist. When my dentist retired I was forced to find a new dentist and had no idea where to go. Thanks to Tony, who is someone I work with, he guided me to all of you wonderfull people.

Since the first day I walked into your office I have been overwhelmed with graditude that I have you as my dentist. All you all care about is making me happy and comfortable. The love and comfort is all over the whole office. I look forward for the first time in my life to coming to the dentist. Thank you to all of you.

"Dr. Peaceful"

Also known as

Dr. Andy Allgood, DMD, PC

My first visit to see Dr. Andy Allgood was on my birthday in 2007. When I completed the TMJ Questionnaire and Dr. Allgood evaluated my bite, jaw pain, neck pain and headaches. He recommended "Occlusal Equilibration" which is a fancy term for aligning every tooth in my mouth so my bite would be even. This is a painless procedure. He simply marks the tooth as you bite down on some special paper and trims miniscule amounts of the tooth away so the opposing tooth will fit. I did not require any type of injection or numbing medication. I walked out more peaceful than ever! What a birthday present.

We scheduled another appointment in order to let the first adjustments "settle in" and by the end of the second appointment my jaw pain, neck pain and headaches were gone. My bite was aligned and I was "Peaceful." So i've nicknamed Dr. Allgood as "Dr. Peaceful."

Several months ago in 2010, I had a molar on the lower jaw that was sore but not painful or sensitive to hot or cold. "Dr. Peaceful" verified that there was no other problems and recommended "Occlusal Equilibration." Within a minute or so, I was at peace again. Simply trimming the tooth gave me back my peacefulness. I had no idea the pain and life altering problems misaligned teeth could cause. This is just one of the specialties "Dr. Peaceful" offers.

My husband is deathly afraid of dental procedures. After his first visit to Dr. Allgood he wouldn't miss an appointment. The Sleep Sedation Dental Protocol Dr. Allgood utilizes is the most advanced in the area and Old Time Injections are history in his office.

For your peace and lifelong health, I recommend you consult with Dr. Andy Allgood. If I can help you in any way, Dr. Allgood has the authority to provide you with my contact information and we'll spend some time talking about this wonderful practice.

I can't say enough about his professinal, caring team that takes care of all other aspects of your visit. They are the BEST!

I wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised at my appointment this morning. I was really put at ease and felt comfortable. Even with the good bit of work I need, I am not filled with anxiety at the thought of coming back. I know that if I start feeling uneasy, I can express myself and that my feelings are understood. I really feel like y'all care. You acknowledge that sometimes good dental health is about more than just teeth. You have to be able to get someone to go to the dentist without fear as part of good oral hygiene regimen. I feel that y'all provide excellent service in this department. I didn't feel that you were rushed at all which is very calming. Please pass this on to Kim, Belinda and Barbara as well as they were wonderful as well.

Thank you again.


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Andrew R. Allgood, DMD, PC
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Andrew R. Allgood, DMD, PC
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